Enebla Thansgiving Lunch for the Homeless

“ENEBLA” was originally an egalitarian word. It was not meant to leave out anybody from the nourishment that we all need equally. It was an injunction to partake equally and share equally. And at its core meat to be for those who are in need and not someone who can afford their own meal.

We say Enebla to those who dress nice and can afford their own food, but we take it for granted to leave out the ones who need it the most. It seems to me over time this true meaning of enebla has been hijacked and mutated to met the individualist tendency that has infliltrated our culture and has become a tool for our own gratification. Most of the time it has even become a formality that one says so fully expecting a formal refusal, and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of the quest for meaningless magnanimity. You then feel good about yourself, pat yourself on the shoulder for saying Enebla. Say, Enebla to the one that needs it the most. #enebla #proverbs19:17 #simplyblessed @ www.enebla.com

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